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Using good methods to identify ceramic dishes

Want to understand the quality of bone china, from its color, permeability, sound, touch bowl bottom four aspects to identify. as follows:

1. The color of bone china: The reason why bone china contains bone powder is that porcelain itself presents a natural milky white color. In plain words, it is a little bit yellow. This feature is that any other kind of porcelain cannot be imitated. At present, the major ceramics on the market, such as white porcelain, shell porcelain, and pearl porcelain, are all pure white. We can describe the pure white as blue and white, and in the second place, they are all bone china. The degree of yellowing can be seen in the bone powder content of bone china itself. For bone china, the content of bone meal is an important technical indicator for distinguishing grades of bone china. The more bone powder containing bone powder the more upscale and the color of bone china. The more it tends to milk white, on the contrary, if the content of bone meal is low, the yellowness of bone china itself is very obvious.

2. Bone Porcelain Permeability: Bone china has an important external feature because of its own recipe for making, it is permeability, but this feature is not exclusive to bone china. Now on the market are shellfish, white porcelain, and pearl porcelain. As long as it is thinner, there is permeability, but bone china and their permeability are different. For the majority of customers and friends, it is very easy to see the difference in permeability is to look at the bowl-shaped container. The different porcelain bowls are buckled on the bulbs. The transparent effect they embody is not the same. The high-grade bone china with high bone powder content is transparent, and the bone china with low bone meal content is transparent to other porcelains. There is a clear difference.

3, bone china sound: bone china because of the reasons for making a recipe there is an important external feature is the sound of bone china when the collision, the two high-grade bone china bowl on the flat hands to collide Note that the bone china is a porcelain fired at high temperature, and the hardness is very high. Such a collision will not be damaged. Please rest assured that you can use a little bit of force to collide, after a high-grade bone china collision. What sounds like a ringing bell is a clear, crisp voice; it has an echo and a long echo time, while other porcelain species emit a dull buzz and there is almost no echo.

4, touch the bottom of the bowl: a bowl of bone china bowl of fine workmanship is to be polished after two, both non-slip and prevent scratching the desktop, this is starting from the details of a test of a porcelain process.

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Using good methods to identify ceramic dishes

Want to understand the quality of bone china, from its color, permeability, sound, touch bowl bottom